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Tip #8.  Give Your Dog the Chance to GET IT RIGHT the First Time, Be Firm with No Opportunities for Mistakes the Second

Do not become angry, frustrated, nor affectionate following your dog's mistakes.

Weak Human Energy

nervous   excited  pitying   sad   fearful  frustrated   rushed

​pessimistic   vocal

Austin Dog Whisperer Top 10 Training Tips

Strong Leader Human Energy

confident   in the moment   patient   relaxed   wise   harmonious   silent   instinctive   secure

Tip #10. Get Out and Explore the World Together

Check out that trail in the woods and the path along the creek.  Take a road trip to play in snow.  Our world is immensely more enjoyable when shared with our dogs.

Tip #9.  Re-Claim People, Places and Spaces Your Dog Now Owns

Do not let your dog jump on you, charge past you down the stairs, or lead you on the walk.  With small dogs, practice keeping "four-on-the-floor" instead of picking up the little Fido's.

Tip #2. Practice taking your dog to calm submission

with no distractions first, then later in challenging surroundings.

There are 4 possible responses to human leader authority:  (1) Flight, (2) Avoidance, (3) Fight, and what is desired, (4) Submission. Any response other than respectful obedience means "Let's get to work!"

Tip #7.  Master the Daily Walk

Tip #6.

Use less voice and more silent assertive body language with your dog.

When in doubt, always replicate mother nature's ways.

Tip #5.

Practice giving your dog consistent structure with rules and boundaries as a daily way of life.

Tip #3. Fulfill Your Dog's Needs as an Animal and Canine.  ​​​​

Dog Leadership is a Consistent Way of Daily Life, Not a Start/Stop Training Program.

Tip #4. Assess your dog's energy and excitement level at all times.

​ ​Practice blocking excitment from rising above the cool zone, and taking dog back to calm from over-excited energy bursts.

Tip #1.  All animals follow calm assertive energy.  Practice being WHO and WHAT you want your dog to mirror.​​​   The minute YOU change your dog will change.

Scared Anxious Human -> Tense Stressed Dog

Calm Assertive Human -> Obedient Submissive Dog

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