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Do not miss socializing your puppy every day

during the important 2 month to a year old development period.  You never get this time back. Young dogs who get to experience the outside world daily with a stable leader grow up to be much more friendly, confident rounded pups than their isolated counterparts.


Polite Respectful Obedient Manners On and Off Leash     Read More

Nipping/Biting - Scratching - Chewing - Jumping - Barking - Housebreaking - and More!


Trustworthy, Respectful and Reliable Behaviors in Any and All Worldly Situations - No aggression or Fear     Read More

Did you know that two thirds of a dog's brain is controlled by the olfactory system (sniffing and smelling)?  This gives you great clues about how to help a puppy learn without shouting commands or dispensing treats. Engage the nose wiggle instead!

Read our article,  "The 'Nose Knows' Fun Search Scent Game."

The secret key to simple puppy training is learning how to change challenging daily ROUTINES into LEADERSHIP RITUALS that have great meaning for your pup but only add a few minutes to your day.

It is never too early to start training your puppy.

Training actually began at birth with the canine mom.  A puppy does not "grow out of" biting, jumping, growling, nipping or barking. If you ignore these early problems, they will mushroom as your dog gains age, size and confidence.


Real World Experiences with Different People, Dogs, Other Animals, Places, Objects, Environments     Read More

Our Puppy Training

It All Starts with the Private Home Behavior Consult - One is Usually All Ever Need to Take Over From There!

Expert dog whisperer guidance and help. Usually one single session is all you need to get on top of your puppy's barking, biting, jumping and housebreaking, plus to start walking him on lead and get him to stop chasing the cat.

Optional Follow-Up Boarding with Training

A fun learning vacation for your puppy, especially when you have to be away. Your pup enjoys being in our home and joining us on hikes, dog park outings, and socialization field trips instead of being stuck in a kennel. We provide round the clock leadership and supervision. Fun safe play with role model dogs.

Bringing Home a New Puppy?
Here's a Sample Supply List We'd Recommend

Cuddly fleece toy to baby
Hard cong ball toy for play
Pile of old towels, blankies for crate snuggling
Collar, leash, ID tag, night flashing collar light
20' long training lead
Dog sweater/coat (size will be in winter)
Crate for house
Child doors for kitchen containment
Pen for non-carpeted floor containment
Crate for car or seatbelt harness and towel/blanket
Food, natural treats and bowl
imodium a/d
Water bowls (inside and outside)
Doggie door in back door (sized to adult)
Pea gravel boxed area in yard
Nail clippers/grinders
Brush long haired, comb short haired
Shower hose connector
Ear flush, cotton balls
Frozen raw sliced marrow bones
Teeth cleaning treats and toothbrush/polish
Corner guards for furniture
Electric cord guards
Robot floor cleaners/sweepers
Pet carpet cleaner
Pee pads if teaching to poo/pee indoors
Tie out if back yard not secure
Pet insurance
Notepad to record behavior challenges
Our phone number for when you need us

We Teach You to Live as Your Puppy's Coach

We Customize for You & Your Pup

What does Fido need?  What do you need? Will you be traveling soon? We help you by giving you the smartest and most cost effective puppy package we can to help Junior move forward while at the same time giving you the strategies and techniques for becoming your pup's leader.

  • Neonatal period - to 2 weeks old. Touching, tasting, eating. Influenced by canine mom and litter mates.
  • Transitional Period - 2 to 4 weeks old. Eyes open, standing and walking, starting to bark.
  • Socialization Period - 4 to 12 weeks. Aware of surroundings and enjoying play time. Actively learning social skills. Genetic submission/dominant leanings revealed. Very important that pup is introduced to dogs and people during this period to enjoy positive experiences and confidently learn to trust. 
  • Ranking Period - 12 weeks to 6 months old. Enhanced understanding of dominance and submission is influenced by people and other dogs. Still in the teething period. A potential fear stage.
  • Adolescence - 6 months to 1.5 years (2 years for XL breeds). More sophisticated pack understanding. Position and role in pack is influenced by people and other dogs. May challenge rules and boundaries to test power. Sex drive if not fixed. Potential second chewing stage at 7-9 months.

Puppy Training