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Leadership Energy

calm   assertive


in the moment

wise   harmonious

silent   instinctive


Weak Energy

tense   stressed

nervous   excited

pitying   sad

fearful   frustrated



IS MY DOG a Natural K9 Leader?

It is a rare canine who was born to be a natural pack leader of other dogs. This dog will inherently attract followers because he is always in the right state of mind and being, always does the right thing, and is naturally balanced and stable. He is wise and fair with superior mental and physical ability. And he exudes his rare natural leadership fairness.

Identifying a Natural Dog Leader

This is a unique dog who conveys calm confidence with all aspects of the world, and though his nature helps other dogs achieve calm balance and stability. He "always gets it right!"

This dog does not cross wavelengths with humans but instead engages and mentally partners with us. If this natural leader lands in a home with tense, frustrated, stressed people, his strengths can turn to instability. Given the chance, this dog will pick out and select the owner who complements his innate strengths, that person who is emotionally balanced, has the inherent ability to communicate with and respect a dog, and who he can observe as being a stable leader of dogs and people already. This dog will seek out and resonate with natural human leaders so that they can enjoy what is a one in a million complement in their lives - a pack of two with a human/canine leadership pairing.

This dog from day one exhibits joy of life and smartly placed trust. He is naturally confident, happy and playful in accordance with his age, but never over-excited. He is intelligent and above performing tricks which are contrary to his savvy linkage to mother nature.

He sees a creek, and knows it is joyful to go to it, dip his paws and belly in it, and enjoy the cool. He leads others behind him to this creek. He walks with his owner through the hills and finds the natural paths of the animals that the human has missed, and leads both human and other pack members to the easier trail to travel. This dog provides joyful motivation and smart insights to all who are lucky enough to share his leadership.

Natural Canine Leaders

​Many dog owners consider their dog to be more intelligent and gifted than other dogs. But without a daily benchmarking perspective, their love is appreciated even if a tad on the biased side.

For professional dog behaviorists, it is truly rare to encounter a dog who is a natural leader. Many IQ-gifted dogs fall short when it comes to exuding the calm assertive energy that magnetizes other dogs to their side.

Because few dogs are natural leaders, it is important for you as your pup's owner to fill the leadership role. All animals naturally follow calm assertive energy. Practice being who you want your dog to mirror with his state of mind and being. Do not make your dog fill in the leadership void on his own by providing too much affection in lieu of the exercise and structure which serve to shape his personality and temperament. Claim ownership of the home and all people in it; if you do not, your dog most assuredly will.