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YOU, not your DOG, dictate the walking pace, direction, and energy.​

Do not stop because your dog is braking or sniffing. If he pulls sideways, let him "take care of business."


Correct your dog's unstable thoughts before he becomes overly excited and lunges, barks or attacks.

Walk Your Dog Like a Feather on Leash

Suggested Gear:  a slip lead worn high on neck just below ears.

​Thread the clip end of the leash through the loop handle. Put the "O" around dog' neck.

Why not a Gentle Leader?  It irritates the top of the dog's nose even when walking politely.

Why not a Harness?  It is for search and rescue zig zagging or for leveraging full body strength sled pulling, neither of which we want. And it blocks communications which go to the body instead of the brain.

Keep the leash short but relaxed. A tight leash makes a dog tense.

​It is the dog's job to keep slack in the leash as you are walking. If you feel his pull on the lead, use the lightest energy technique possible to bring him back into formation.

Take the front Leader position with dog as Follower at or behind your knee.

Even a nose length in front of you changes the power and dynamics.

Remember that your dog mirrors your energy - WHO and WHAT you are.

Do not let yourself become tense, anxious or fearful when you encounter other dogs being walked, the trash truck, joggers, an off leash dog, or any other challenge. Do not avoid or skirt uncomfortable situations. This teaches your dog that you are weak and to not trust the world.

Master the Dog Walk

Walk your dog on both your left and right sides to develop both sides of his brain.

If a dog we take to sheep herding has only been walked on the left side, she can only herd clock-wise/on her handler's left side, not counter clock-wise on the right.

If your dog pulls in front of you throughout the walk, she probably wants to RUN.

​TIP: teach your dog to run beside you while riding a bicycle. Aim for short durations with soft joint-friendly surfaces. OR complement the walk by taking your dog to the park or off lead trail with ROOM to ZOOM and SPACE to RACE!

With puppies who buck and put on the brakes, engage the sense of smell

Smoosh a dollop of peanut butter into a ball launcher cup. Walk with the launcher to your side with the cup by your foot. Let the dog/puppy trail the peanut butter but not quite reach it.  This takes the pup's brain from "fight" in her Defense Drive to the tail waggin' Food Drive with her pack leader.  After the pup stops resisting, give her the peanut butter reward for a job well done!