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Puppy Training

If you're not setting the rules for your puppy, he's setting them for you!

By default, we have specialized in helping families who have autistic kids become harmonious with the family dogs. It is natural to and for us. The autistic kid may use sticks to try to hit the dog or run around with no clothes on. We understand that these special individuals need to mainstream in your family, including with your dog. We have that instinct and knack, plus much academic education. We are here to help you.

"Your love of dogs is admirable. Your dog training skill is awesome!"    Martha J., Steiner Ranch - Austin

Vaccinating Your Dog Too Often?

See Dog Naturally's Free Vaccine Guide

"Animals are not ours to ​​eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way."

​People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals/PETA

Achieve "Balance" First

Teaching commands can happen along the way.

We prioritize achieving stable balance ...

  • Respectful, Polite, Submissive, Obedient
  • Easily Handled, Touched and Instructed
  • Relaxed, Calm, Free of Worry and Stress
  • Friendly with All People and Other Dogs
  • Reliable, Dependable and Trustworthy

"Every owner wants a well trained dog.  Every dog wants a well trained owner."   ​- Cesar Millan


Dogs of All Ages, Sizes and Breeds

Leash Pulling  -  Lunging

Jumping on and Barking at People

Anxiety  -  Insecurity  - Fear  -  Distrust

Fighting  -  Growling  -  Nipping/Biting

Aggression  -  Destruction/Chewing

Chasing - Territorial - Over-Excited/Hyper

Housebreaking - Obsessive - and more!

A single Home Behavior Consult is all most dog parents need to get their pup on the right path to calm obedient respect.

Earn Your Dog's Obedient Respect

Use More Leader Communication, Less "Sticks and Carrots" (Punishment and Bribes)


You learn to communicate by respecting your pup's canine instincts and drives and fulfilling his needs as an animal. We help you earn his respect as a leader and provide him with the stability intended in nature.  You won't experience the disconnect you feel with traditonal training.  Your dog learns new desired ways of thinking and behaviors to replace the old. Our approach is a balance of gentleness and patience with firmness.

​​​Think Like a Dog,

Behave as His Leader

A Dog Whisperer has developed unique skills and knowledge for communicating with dogs and earning their trust and respect as a leader.  The Austin Dog Whisperer has over two decades of canine pack leadership experience and brings our skills, knowledge and reverence for nature's ways to help turn around your dog's challenging behaviors. We uncover and address the usually 3-4 causes behind a dog's challenging behaviors. A customized strategy and techniques are then developed to help your pup move forward.​

Use Dog (not human) Psychology to MOTIVATE and INSPIRE!

This honors the dog as animal and gives him the chance to observe and absorb our human psychology.

Enroll Now 

for a Home Behavior Consult

​Our relationship with a dog is honest and straightforward. We respect his integrity and honor his needs as an animal and canine and help him become "comfortable in his own skin." You gain knowledge and learn surprisingly simple and effective techniques within a a short time which resonate with your dog. This puts you on the path to becoming the respected leader of your newly obedient, submissive pup. You also learn how to live with your dog to honor his needs as a canine.

Being your dog's "buddy" earns his trust and love.  Become his "leader" to earn his obedient respect.

Expert Dog & Puppy Behavior Training