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Dogs with good social experiences early on are more friendly, confident, social and stable than those who are isolated and confined. No matter your pup's age, it is not too early or late to start socializing your pup.

It is that you socialize your youngster DAILY with new people and dogs from the age of two months through 2 years to develop a stable dog.

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Before you begin your dog socialization program, first master the walk. Walk your dog daily and introduce him to stable dogs along the way.  As you begin socializing your dog beyond the neighborhood walk, safely expose him to each different venue and activity. Work with a professional dog behaviorist if your dog is fearful or aggressive.​ 

People of all ages, male and female, and of various color/ethnicity

___ Babies and toddlers

___ Kids and teens

___ Adults and seniors

___ Uniforms, hats, glasses

___ Beards

___ Service people

___ Delivery people

___ Dancing, singing

___ Cheering, clapping

Distractions during the walk. WALK YOUR DOG EVERY DAY.

___ Cars

___ Joggers, bicycles

___ Canes, baby strollers

___ Skateboarders

___ Dogs on the walk

___ Dogs barking behind fences

Unusual Surfaces

___ Slippery floors

___ Stairs, elevators

___ Grates

___ Boats

___ Bridges, docks

Dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds

___ Dog parks and hiking trails

Out in the World

___ Car rides

___ Food drive-throughs

___ Fairs, farmers markets

___ Hardware store

___ Pet store

___ Coffee/cafe patios

___ Vets, groomers

___ Fire station

___ Car repair lobby

Loud Noises

___ Sirens

___ Motorcycles

___ Car washes

___ Fireworks

___ Thunder

___ Vacuums

Other Pets and Animals

___ Cats, other home pets

___ Horses, sheep, deer

___ Animal looking objects/statues

Enroll for a Home Behavior Consult

This is the first step to us helping your dog learn to behave confidently and reliably in every worldly situation.

​​Dog & Puppy Socialization Checklist

Dog/Puppy Socialization