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Redirected Aggression

When a dog becomes over-excited during the walk or while wrestling/fighting with another, he may turn strongly on and bite a human without realizing what he is doing. Block your dog's over-excited primal energy.  Learn to prevent situtations from escalating instead of intervening later.

Why Dogs Become Unstable & BITE

First rule out injury or illness. Then look to ...

​​​​​Dominance - Frustration - Leader Void - Fear - Insecurity Feeling Threatened - Unsocialized - Confined - Isolated

Receiving Affection vs. Exercise & Structure

With any dog who bites, get the help of a professional who knows how to read and work with challenging K9 behaviors.  Don't risk on your own.

A dog's use of his mouth on a human ranks with barking at a human's face or growling. None of these are even close to being acceptable behaviors. That said, dogs naturally use their mouths. You will see "jowling" among puppies to develop jaw strength and practicing for their adult hunting roles.

We must teach our pups that using their mouth on humans crosses an unacceptable boundary. This means earning their respect and trust as a leader and creating boundaries as we honor and fulfill their canine needs.

Territorial Possessiveness

"I own any toy I want. I own all food. I not only own my humans, but the house we live in as well. Now that you've arrived as a guest, I want you to know that I own you too."

This dog can mouth or nip. He can become more dangerous if dominance develops, he feels cornered and threatened, he experiences frustration from pent-up energy, and/or his negative state of mind becomes habitual. "This is how I feel, this is who I have become."

Filling in Leadership Void

This dog is most often trying to communicate with and correct the human. "Do not pick me up!"  "Play ball with me NOW."  

The dog is not bad. He simply believes that it is his job to make "leader decisions" because he does not think that his humans do so. He is likely be happier and more relaxed if he learns to clock off this leader job and become a follower instead.

Unsocialized Containment and Isolation, Lack of Structured Exercise, Too Much Poorly Timed Affection

Your dog will quickly become comfortable with your family, but it takes work to create reliable friendly confidence with any and all new people and situations. Socialize your dog heavily from the important period of puppy/two months old to young adult/1.5-2 years old daily and without fail. Continue socializing your dog daily throughout the rest of his life. Walk him or her and master the walk daily.

Insecure Distrustful Fear

Many owners point to their dogs' past rescue history as the reason for their pup's insecure distrust and fear.  These instabilities develop less from past abuse than current contained isolation without proper socialization learning experiences out in our world.


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Ways Dogs Use Their Mouths on Humans

Note:  Any of the following can result in painful wounds.

  1. Mouthing - Dog wraps his or her mouth around an arm, hand, leg. An early sign of dominance. Is often the beginning of a challenge in the relationship. "Just who is in charge here?"
  2. Nipping - A light mouth pop from the dog. Most often a correction to tell the human to stop doing something he does not want, or insistence that the human do what the dog wants NOW.
  3. Biting - Dog has now entered his Defense Drive. This bite is a warning which usually follows other signs of stress in the dog's body language. "I already warned you to stay away and stop what you are doing. You are making me uncomfortable."  Can escalate to full panic attack mode if ignored. (Dog does not always go to #3 before #4.)
  4. Biting Attack - This dog is in the danger zone. Feels defensive need to attack to inflict harm and injury. Will do so if given the chance. Dog could also be experiencing pure venomous rage, but this is more rare.

Stop Dog & Puppy BITING

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