Stop These Types of Dog and Puppy Barking

Obsessive with no peace on the horizon.

Simply loving the sound of his or her own voice or "getting stuck" in the bark mode.  This tends to result from a bored dog with pent-up energy who is not receiving positive physical and mental challenges.

IN THE FACE of a person.

This is an impolite, disrespectful warning. It is an aggressive behavior which originates in the Defense Drive.  This dog is on a downward spiral. Get professional behaviorist help now.​​

IN THE FACE of another dog ...

with dominance (as compared to sporadic yelpy happy play barks).

This dog is telling others that he is in charge, giving warnings, and will go to more extreme physical dominance - even fight - if the other dog does not back down. He or she lacks rules and boundaries which need to be given from a respected human leader for polite socialization with other dogs.

Pushy, shovey, trying to get something they want ...

from a human and "correcting" this human because he is ignoring the dog's insistence which may become a temper tantrum.  This dog thinks he owns the home, and every human who lives in it. The pack hierarchy is upside down.

Stop Dog and Puppy Barking at Home

​Take a deep breath before you start. Frustration and anger fuel a dog's energy and excitement.

1.  Get his attention. Call his name but only once. This means "look at me." If he ignores, walk to him physically and get his attention by standing squarely in front of him, even backing him up a step or two using your legs as soft bumper cars and walking into his space.

2.  Communicate that you disagree.  Once you have his eye contact attention, silently give him a snap of your fingers or hand stop sign to signal that you require quiet. If he refuses to make eye contact, tries to physically skirt around you, or even snaps or nips at you, he is disagreeing with you as a Follower taking what he believes to his Leader role.  This means you have deeper rooted problems with the relationship than just problem barking. It is a good point to bring us in for a Home Behavior Consult.  We will help you get the Leader/Follower pack hierarchy back in order.

3.  See the process through to make sure your dog has no unfinished barking business remaining in his brain instead of going into a "pause" while waiting for you to go away.  Authoritatively stand squarely and silently in front of him until you see his physical energy drain. He will take a deep breath and will most likely go into a Sit or Down on his own, relaxing his entire body.

Dog barking is often a release of pent up energy from a lack of exercise. Take your dog out for a good long walk so he can relax instead of feeling the need to bark.

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Dog and Puppy Barking

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Only then go back to what you were doing, ready to immediately jump up and go back to him if the barking resumes.  If your dog cannot achieve calm relaxation, take him out for a good long walk.  A physically frustrated dog with pent up energy cannot be reasonably expected to calmly relax. You must fulfill a dog's needs to be able to reasonably expect him to respect your leadership authority.

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