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Canine Sex Drive

Dogs' brains are driven by scent first as compared to eyes first with humans. The scent of an intact male is a strong red flag which is sent out to other dogs who do not share the same strong hormone scent as this intact male. You may as well paint a bulls eye target on the intact male as he will become the target of challenge and attack by dominant males in the neighborhood, dog park and anywhere he experiences life around other dogs. And if this guy is frustrated from not having the mating ritual fulfilled instead of at peace, a canine battle is quite likely to erupt.

There are two instinctive drives that dogs will kill over, food and sex. A female in heat can attract males from miles around who will climb walls, rip and tear through fences and fight other male rivals even to the death to fulfill nature's calling.

Intact Males Attract Dominant Aggression

Male dogs who are not neutered not only tend to exhibit more dominant aggression from being frustrated than those who are fixed, but they also attract the same from other males.

The scent of an intact male sends a message of dominance to other dogs, even if the intact boy has no such thoughts in his canine brain. Other dogs who are dominant will rise to the challenge to this poor guy who means no harm because his scent is perceived as a direct threat. Other dominant dogs picking a fight with an intact male is not unlikely, but instead quite predictable.

Frustrated Males

A male who is denied his mating ritual during the two annual cycles may well learn rage from his frustration. And because this rage has become a new habitual state of mind and being, it does not necessarily ebb after the male is finally neutered.

Uncomfy Females

There is no reason to put a female through the discomfort of an unfulfilled cycle, let alone frustrating canine suitors from the hinderlands with her scent.

The Canine Sex Drive is manipulated by humans with breeding, spaing and neutering. With one intact male potentially responsible for fathering thousands of unwanted puppies, there is no need for hobby breeding or keeping a male intact "just in case." There are far too many wonderful dogs in desperate need of a loving home.

It is important that you take the Sex Drive out of the equation by neutering your male and spaying your female dog. Millions of canines without homes are put down regularly as a result of irresponsible breeding. Please fix your dogs!