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Your pup will learn how to live enjoying a confident, respectful, and obedient state of mind/being. He will not return home shell-shocked as with other boarding w training stressful facilities, but happier and more peacefully respectful than you've ever seen.

Socialization + Obedience + Respect + Balance = Dream Dog!

"Positive dog trainers were fine for teaching my Bella tricks and commands but didn't do a fiddle for her pushy aggression problems. What I learned from you is that, without first earning her trust and respect as her leader, I had nothing. After we achieved that together, with Bella I had our relationship mastered. She now thinks she's the groupie of me, the rock star! And now the two of us can go anywhere and I can trust she will be perfect."  - Joshua W., Buda

SIGN UP for Pup Boarding with Training - includes prior Home Consult plus Home Help on return

Sunrise - Rise 'n' shine. Gather to welcome the day with yard business, then leash up for an enjoyable hike. 

Early Morning - Back home from hike for breakfast, hour digest time. Individual training sessions.

Mid Morning - Load into doggie limo for that day's fun excursion adventure. To dog hiking trail, dog park, the lake or other mother nature fun!

Early Afternoon - Back home for a well deserved 2nd meal and deep nap on the deck. More soft training sessions for those with balancing needs.

Evening - Soft relaxation on the deck, play in the yard. "Howl along" guitar hour singing - human & canine alike.

​​Night - To comfy bed with cuddly blankie and biscuit. Sweet dreams of next day's fun.

​​Typical Austin Dog Whisperer Boarding with Training Day

Dog boarding with training should not be about penning a dog and only taking him out for a few hours of daily training. It should be about round the clock leadership directing stable respect and manners, and living in a real world environment with rules and structure throughout.

We provide 24/7 leadership in our real world home with daily socialization outings, fun play in mother nature, and role model canine friends.

Austin Dog Whisperer Boarding Training