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  • How to recognize unstable behaviors in your dog like fear, anxiety, dominance, insecurity, and territorialism, along with the strategies for turning these behaviors around.

  • Tools and techniques to help with your dog's issues which will allow you to see changes in his behaviors right away. These are extremely well timed to be mentally meaningful for your dog, and match his intensity to be effective.
  • The rules for mastering the walk as your dog's leader, and why this is the single most important activity you can and must undertake to solidify the relationship with your dog as his or her leader.
  • How to transition humanizing and over-indulging your dog with ill-timed permissiveness which nurtures weak instability to consistently fulfilling his needs as an animal and canine.
  • How to convert daily routines into rituals which are rich in leadership significance to your dog but don't require your training time.

Include Your Children

It is important that your dog learns to respect your kids and their friends by not jumping, nipping or biting. Kids are often naturals when it comes to communicating with dogs. We will help your children gain confidence and overcome any fear or uncertainty with your pup!


​​​​​​It is especially important for you to learn leadership when it comes to blocking your dog's aggressive behaviors which may put the safety of other dogs or people at risk.

We help you learn to guide your dog away from undesired behaviors and direct him to the thoughts, responses and behaviors we desire instead. You will learn to read and get in front of the early warning signs of your dog's escalating body language.

​We may recommend that your dog come stay with us for a rehabilitation period for fresh surroundings with our leadership and role model dogs.

With the Austin Dog Whisperer's two to 3 hour home behavior consult training, you and your family will learn ... 

  • ​The difference between human and canine psychology, and why it matters in the relationship with your dog.​

Home Convenience

Your dog will learn new rules and behaviors where the issues originate, your home and neighborhood.  These private training sessions usually last two to 3 hours. They are offered 7 days a week starting at 9 AM.

Home Behavior Consult