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for a professional temperament assessment before adopting any dog or puppy. Do not buy any dog sight unseen.

To be conducted on lead by a professional dog behaviorist. ​ If the dog has a human family, they are in the background or removed altogether.

With PUPPIES, gene stamped temperament leanings can be observed early on. You are not alone if your puppy growls at or even bites your family or other dogs. We will help you get in front of these early leanings before they become bad habits.

Our assessment of a dog's temperament is not pass/fail but real world. Together we learn who the dog is today including which instinctive canine drive he favors when uncertain. This helps us develop a strategy for best helping him/her move forward to become the respectful companion we desire with the stability intended in nature.

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to Schedule Home Behavior Consult for Your Pup's Challenging Behaviors

Each session starts with the dog's temperament assessment

Objectively learning the puts and takes of a dog's current temperament provides great insight about possible behavior challenges and their root causes. We learn in a short period of time how a dog's brain is working and the habits he has learned. This important information tells us how to best develop a strategy for helping a dog achieve stable balance.

Temperament Assessment