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Being your dog's buddy does not earn his obedience and desired behaviors.

We will help you become his trusted and respected LEADER as well.

Dog whisperers understand a dog's temperament and identify the nature of behavioral problems. We pinpoint the best techniques for effectively solving the root causes of the dog's challenges more effectively than traditional trainers because our foundation is uniquely based on dog psychology, not gimmicks, treats or shock collars. This makes it easy for all family members including your kids to learn how to become the trusted and respected leader or your calm, submissive dog.

"Caring, trustworthy and truly brilliant with dogs." - Lorraine K.

Dog Whisperers are canine behaviorists with a wealth of skill, knowledge and experience in providing dog leadership. We have learned to instinctively communicate with a dog to help him learn new behaviors by applying dog psychology. We help a dog achieve stable, grounded balance within his human and canine pack, as well as the world we live in.

We share a straightforward, honest relationship with a dog, respecting his integrity as an animal and needs as a canine. Our goal is to help him become grounded, balanced and "comfortable in his own skin" in keeping with mother nature.

We take the dog's point of view by working with his instincts. This makes learning faster and simpler for the dog as well as the humans who love him.

"Your love of dogs is admirable. 

Your dog training skill is awesome!"   

- Maria K., Steiner Ranch - Austin  

We earn a dog's obedience through trust and respect as his leader instead of as a human pez dispenser of treats or with shock collar pain. Our natural behavior approach applies dog psychology to work in concert with a dog's instinctive drives.

Our Home Behavior Consults favor immediate results which you can replicate after we leave instead of long, costly programs. They have helped thousands of dog owners with prior ineffective results to achieve the behavior changes they wanted all along - with simplicity and often in hours.

Honored to have helped dogs learn and the owners who love them lead since 1993.

We Apply Dog Psychology to Motivate and Inspire

Simply put, we use a natural approach to:

- Block a dog's undesired behaviors,
- Guide the dog away from bad habits, and
- Help the dog learn new desired behaviors to replace the old.

We honor dogs' natural drives as we communicate, teaching new rules and behaviors by mirroring dogs' natural body language and energy. This gives the dog a chance to learn and absorb our own human psychology.

We interpret canine drives to effectively communicate with a dog and condition his state of mind (psychological) and state of being (physical). We use touch, our body language and energy to conduct entire dialogues which are silent to the observer but rich in content with the canine. A dog quickly recognizes that we understand him and appreciates that we are here to help.

We focus on changing a dog's behaviors by fulfilling and balancing him as an animal and canine, not simply completing a human created Sit-Down-Stay checklist (although he learns commands along the way). A dog we help learns to obey out of respect, trust and appreciation for our leadership. They enjoy becoming relaxed followers in a stable human-canine pack.

Many owners love their dogs but do not trust them. You are not alone if your dog has developed irritating, annoying habits that make you frustrated and angry. Or if you are afraid that your dog may actually hurt someone. Do not lose hope! Contact us to schedule a home consult for connecting with your dog on a personal level to address his unique challenges.

If You're Not Setting the Rules for Your PUPPY, He is Setting Them for YOU!

No matter the age, your puppy is not too young to start learning. Training actually began with the canine mom. It is best to start working with your puppy NOW as a blank slate before bad habits set in instead of later as a rehab candidate.

Contact us if your puppy is growling, biting, jumping up, fighting the leash, or charging through doors. Your puppy will not "grow out of" these behaviors. They will just become bigger problems down the road.

"Positive dog trainers are great for teaching tricks and commands. But what I learned from you is that if you don't have your dog's trust and respect as his leader, you have nothing."    - Kelsey W., Westlake   (read more) 

Common Reasons Dogs Become Unstable with Challenging Behaviors

No amount of love and good intentions alone will create balance in an unstable dog. Dogs assess whether you are an authority figure simply based on how you behave. To a dog, permissive affection is not viewed as love but instead weak energy. Common reasons for canine behavior issues are: (1) being humanized, over-indulged, spoiled; (2) use of uman logic/reasoning vs. canine psychology; (3) lack of consistent exercise, structure and discipline; (4) using fear, intimidation & unfortunate dynamics.

We will not ask you to love your dog any less, just to organize and temper your affection with structure. We will help you gain significance not just as your dog's buddy but as his leader, and to fulfill the needs of his body, mind and heart.

If you have a pool, your dog needs to know how to stay calm and exit if he happens to fall in.
If you have a pool, your dog needs to know how to stay calm and exit if he happens to fall in.

"Caring, trustworthy and truly brilliant with dogs."     Since 1993

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